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Are you stuck trying to come up with an efficient fundraising strategy? Or you’re struggling to understand how profitability and positive impact are correlated in different contexts?

If it’s anything that’s preventing your social enterprise from scaling faster, then you’re in the right place. This is a practical resource for social entrepreneurs in the trenches, making things happen against all the odds.

My name is Andy Narracott and I’m here to serve social entrepreneurs in the best way I possibly can. I’ll be serving up great content through interviews on my podcast, in my blog posts and my videos online. If you’ve got a question, head on over to the Finding Impact Facebook page or tweet me at @AndyNarracott for inclusion in the next show. We’ll go further and faster together.

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The Finding Impact Podcast

David Auerbach Finding Impact

FIP 028: Fundraising, Media and Conferencing with David Auerbach

This is part two of an interview I had with David in which he…
David Auerbach Finding Impact

FIP 027: Founders with David Auerbach

David Auerbach is the co-founder of Sanergy - a social enterprise…
Vava Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 026: Disrupting the Coffee Industry with Vava Angwenyi

Vava is the entrepreneur behind Vava Coffee - a social enterprise…
Ken Banks Finding Impact

FIP 025: Time for Slow Innovation with Ken Banks

Ken Banks went from working at a primate care centre in Nigeria…
Jonathan Golden Finding Impact

FIP 024: Finding Your Calling, with Jonathan Golden

Jonathan setup a coffee company with a conscience - called Land…
Xavier Helgesen Finding Impact

FIP 023: Local Talent and Learning to be a CEO, with Xavier Helgesen

Xavier is a veteran entrepreneur, having founded two million-dollar…
Carne Ross Finding Impact

FIP 022: Creating Your Own Political Strategy, with Carne Ross

Carne Ross is a Skoll Awardee and TED speaker. He's a principled…
Jonathan_Lewis Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 021: A Fireside Chat with Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan is a social entrepreneur and social justice advocate,…
Jordan Kassalow Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 020: Systems Entrepreneurship with Jordan Kassalow

Why do so many problems in the world persist? Could it be that…

Finding Impact TV Finding Impact TV

Finding Impact TV 9: Cow Poop = Gas = Savings

I had a day out with - a global biogas company just…
Spire Education Finding Impact TV

Finding Impact TV 8: Michael from Spire Education

There are so many great entrepreneurs doing great work in East…
David Wanja Finding Impact TV

Finding Impact TV 7: David from Deevabits Kenya

A biomedical scientist turned rabbit farmer - David blew me away…

Finding Impact TV 6: Rita from FarmDrive

It was great catching up with Rita from FarmDrive as part of…

Finding Impact TV 5: Daniel from Sokowatch

I had a great time catching up with Daniel from Sokowatch as…

Finding Impact TV 4: The mass market for clean cook stoves and solar lights

EcoZoom is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing ecological…

Finding Impact TV 3: Mashing up insects for profit

On this episode, I talk to Adan Mohammed, who is one incredible…

FI TV 2: Turning poop into fuel with Andrew Foote

On this episode, I talk to Andrew Foote of Sanivation - an innovative…

Finding Impact 1: My story and why I'm launching this channel

Today I launched my YouTube channel: Finding Impact TV. The first…


David Auerbach Finding Impact

Match Made in Heaven

We often find ourselves looking for “The One”. Let me guess…

The Launch of the Finding Impact Podcast

Today is a very special day. I first got the idea for launching…
finding impact podcast

Announcing the Launch of The Finding Impact Podcast on 22nd February 2017

I can't help it - I'm excited!! The Finding Impact Podcast…

The curtains open, let the show begin

Hey everyone. Hello to those who I've reached out to directly,…

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