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FIP 32: Designing an Organisation that People Love to Work For with Jim Taylor

Proximity Designs started in 2004 in Myanmar as a social enterprise focusing on the rural sector. Starting out with smallholder farmers, they first introduced a simple pump that dramatically improve water use and boosted productivity and incomes. They’ve since moved on to launching many products and services that can touch thousands of villages and millions […]

Companies Have to Become Human Development Organisations

It’s safe to say that investing in your people is like investing in government securities – it leads to high returns. The workforce is any company’s most valuable asset—no matter what the size, location or even the industry. In the Finding Impact podcast episode #04 we interviewed Michael Kuntz who talked to us about a […]

FIP 30: Disrupting Markets with Grant Brooke

I was introduced to Grant through Christie Peacock (Episode 6). When I later met with him in a Nairobi lunch spot, he came across as an unassuming guy just minding his own business. A little into the conversation, I was struck by his immense curiosity – which is a hint at the qualities that have […]

FIP 029: Breaking Taboo with Shawn Shafner

When taboos exist, issues are skipped over. This is bad news when you’re encouraging people to come together to solve societal issues. Shawn Shafner is a master at breaking the taboo of shit. He created The People’s Own Organic Power Project – AKA The POOP Project – which is breaking boundaries in a subject long […]

Match Made in Heaven

We often find ourselves looking for “The One”. Let me guess what’s the first thing that comes to your mind – a loving relationship with your significant other? Well, this soul searching doesn’t end here; especially if you’re embarking on your social entrepreneurship journey. It also applies to finding the perfect co-founder, the perfect “founding […]

FIP 027: Founders with David Auerbach

David Auerbach is the co-founder of Sanergy – a social enterprise making hygienic sanitation affordable and accesible in Africa’s informal settlements. It’s a huge pleasure to get David on the show, he’s been a friend and peer in the sanitation sector for many years, and I’m a true fan of Sanergy. David epitomises the relentless […]

FIP 025: Time for Slow Innovation with Ken Banks

Ken Banks went from working at a primate care centre in Nigeria to being a mobile technology social entrepreneur. He is the creator of FrontlineSMS, one of the first uses of mobile technology for positive social and environmental change in developing countries. He has a long list of awards and accolades to his name – […]