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FIP 024: Finding Your Calling, with Jonathan Golden

Jonathan setup a coffee company with a conscience – called Land of a 1000 Hills – which provides employment and community investments to over 2,500 Rwandan farmers and their families. He’s also a business coach, a priest and a public speaker, and a true adventurer in social enterprise. In his book Be You. Do Good: […]

FIP 022: Creating Your Own Political Strategy, with Carne Ross

Carne Ross is a Skoll Awardee and TED speaker. He’s a principled man, having walked away from his diplomatic career in the British Government in protest over the Iraq war. The non-profit he founded, called Independent Diplomat, is geared towards tackling the imbalance between the diplomatic processes and those affected by the decisions made in […]

FIP 021: A Fireside Chat with Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan is a social entrepreneur and social justice advocate, as can be seen from his illustrious career in a life of purpose. He’s started a fund to invest in micro-finance funds, he setup one of the leading social sector conferences – Opportunity Collaboration, he’s an impact investor, co-founder of a social enterprise in Nairobi called […]

FIP 019: Scaling People Reading with Colin McElwee

Worldreader focuses on getting people reading, whatever form and whatever content. In this episode, Colin talks us through Worldreader and the injustice that he’s fighting for, which is the unequal distribution of books and information around the world. They’re reaching 25 million people per month, most of which via their mobile phone, and then of […]

FIP 018: Welding Corporate Partnerships with Yasmina Zaidman

Yasmina Zaidman is Chief Partnerships Officer at Acumen, who has been working with social entrepreneurs to see how solving problems of poverty might align with the activities of large global corporations. As of 2017, Yasmina has been with Acumen for almost 14 years, working with them to continually challenge itself to grow and evolve. Acumen […]