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FIP 015: Pro-bono Data science with Jake Porway

In this episode, Jake Porway talks us through DataKind, the organization he founded that helps connect data scientists with non-profits. He was previously with the New York Times as a data scientist so is a great person to have on the show to unpack how data can help non-profits make better decisions on the allocation […]

FIP 014: The Importance of Story with Avery Bang

In this episode, Avery Bang talks us through the importance of story and staying clear of poverty porn. Avery is the CEO of Bridges to Prosperity, a non-profit working to connect rural communities to essential services, like education, healthcare and markets. She has earned her stipes in storytelling, having done a TED talk, appeared on […]

FIP 013: Planting Trees with Drones, with Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher talks us through his startup journey at Biocarbon Engineering, which quite simply, plants trees with drones. He has been a NASA engineer where he designed artificial environments for space shuttles and space stations. He’s studied Mars exploration technologies. He spent 4 years in the desert of Peru studying microbial biology for missions to […]

FIP 011: Raising Early Stage Finance with Nicky Khaki

In this episode, Nicky Khaki talks us through early stage finance. He runs the EWB Venture fund that specifically targets early stage businesses and provides them with high-quality professionals to provide expertise to drive them forward. Nicky Khaki started out as an investment banker on Wall Street before working in Kenya for a year setting […]

FIP 009: Raising Equity Investment with Patrick Watson

In this episode, Patrick Watson talks us through the process of raising equity investment for social enterprises. Based in South America, he is Director of I-DEV’s Global Investment Advisory Group. He’s worked for KPMG and Inter Pipeline Fund, a multi-billion dollar energy infrastructure company. Some of the things you’ll learn on this podcast include: We […]

FIP 008: Raising Debt Investment with Rob Mills

In this episode, I talk to Rob Mills from Social Finance about raising debt investment for your social enterprise. This is particularly useful for a later stage social enterprise, who is looking to raise debt finance, or for social entrepreneurs with an eye on future growth. Rob was previously with the World Bank in Mozambique […]