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Finding Impact TV 9: Cow Poop = Gas = Savings

I had a day out with – a global biogas company just launching in Kenya.

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Spire Education Finding Impact TV

Finding Impact TV 8: Michael from Spire Education

There are so many great entrepreneurs doing great work in East Africa. Michael is one of them. He’s taking on a big challenge and helping businesses along the way. Spire builds learning programmes that help employees cultivate the professional skills and attitudes they need to be successful on the job.

Watch this interview and learn how Michael funded their initial offering, later pivoted to a B2B model, and stories that validate the demand from local businesses in Kenya.

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David Wanja Finding Impact TV

Finding Impact TV 7: David from Deevabits Kenya

A biomedical scientist turned rabbit farmer – David blew me away with his business insight, his vision and his clear roadmap to achieve it. David Wanjau is the Managing Director of Deevabits Kenya, and he’s bring rabbit meat to the masses.

This video was shot as part of my Sankalp Africa Summit profiles of entrepreneurs video series.

Check it out!

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Finding Impact TV 6: Rita from FarmDrive

It was great catching up with Rita from FarmDrive as part of my Sankalp Africa Summit profiles of entrepreneurs video series.

FarmDrive uses mobile phones, alternative data, and machine learning to close the critical data gap that prevents financial institutions from lending to creditworthy smallholder farmers.

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Finding Impact TV 5: Daniel from Sokowatch

I had a great time catching up with Daniel from Sokowatch as part of the Sankalp Africa Summit profiles of entrepreneurs video series.

Sokowatch provides consumer goods companies (i.e. Unilever, Proctor & Gamble) with a simple, consistent, and reliable distribution channel to meet the demands of the informal market (i.e. the MASS market in Africa). Shops order from Sokowatch via SMS and receive free delivery of their goods within 24 hours. Their team of delivery agents, equipped with their proprietary mobile technology, services over 5,000 shops across Nairobi while capturing critical data on each outlet.

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Finding Impact TV 4: The mass market for clean cook stoves and solar lights

EcoZoom is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing ecological products to the all the world’s consumers. The design, manufacturer and distribute efficient cookstoves and solar lamps.

On this episode, hear how Oli Raison has taken his business from solely clean cook stoves to adding solar energy products to their portfolio, and how it has turned the business around. Great story! Check it out below.

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Finding Impact TV 3: Mashing up insects for profit

On this episode, I talk to Adan Mohammed, who is one incredible guy. He’s started a business making chicken feed from insects, which he feeds with organic waste, which then turns into fertilizer. As he recalls “I spread the normal chicken food out on the floor, and the chickens ignored it, preferring to scratch around for insects. So I decided to make insect chicken food at scale.”

Watch below to hear his incredible story.

ecodudu is solving two global problems; waste food and nutrient shortage. They do this by up-cycling discarded food to create sustainable and locally produced animal feed ingredients and natural fertilizer.

You can reach Adan at:
Instagram: @m00dy254


FI TV 2: Turning poop into fuel with Andrew Foote

On this episode, I talk to Andrew Foote of Sanivation – an innovative social enterprise in Kenya using poop to make cooking fuel! Check it out:

Finding Impact 1: My story and why I’m launching this channel

Today I launched my YouTube channel: Finding Impact TV. The first video, My Story, tells how I got to where I am today – living and working in Kenya, and helping to scale a water program rooted in evidence of what works.

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