FIP 005: Not Going it Alone on your Social Enterprise Journey, with Mark Hemsworth

In this episode, I have a candid conversation with Mark Hemsworth about this subject of not going it alone and reaching out for help. This is such a big issue, because I think as social entrepreneurs, we might tell ourselves we need to have all the answers. But instead, the opposite is true. I believe a key factor of success is how much you cultivate a network of mentors and advisors and how much you reach out to that network on a routine basis.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why we may feel reluctant to reach out to our network for help, but by being self-aware we can get over it
  • The dangers of just focusing on driving sales and iterating the model whilst neglecting to build robust systems and plan for the growth
  • Some suggested groups in your life who you could speak to in the early stages of your business to share your challenges and bounce ideas off
  • What an early stage mentor cohort could look like and how you could structure calls
  • Some ideas and advice on how to hire for your senior leadership team


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