Roshan Paul Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 017: Teaching the Skills to Make a Difference with Roshan Paul

Roshan talks us through his journey to create Amani Institute – an organization educating professionals with the skills needed to make a difference. Previously, Roshan spent five years with Ashoka working with over 100 enterprises to help them scale up. He is a TEDx speaker and author, and currently lives in Nairobi.

Some of the things you’ll learn on this podcast include:

  • Amani was built on the insight that the biggest challenge to scale claimed by many social enterprises is finding the right talent.
  • Amani provides people with 21st century skills that are increasingly in demand by social sector organizations, including innovation, leadership, communication and entrepreneurial skills.
  • A few stories of students who’ve been through the Amani Institute program and the transformation they’ve seen, including a Masai couple from Kenya who are creating enormous change in their community.
  • How Amani offer scholarships for students from low income backgrounds.
  • Creating change is hard, so it’s important for any changemaker to look after body and mind. Amani’s ‘Inner Journey’ app will soon be launched that helps the individual manage themselves through a career in social impact.
  • On Roshan’s early journey in his career of social impact, he experimented by taking a job in Delhi that paid him next to nothing so he could understand what it’s like to live with very little – which is an interesting idea that other’s might adopt as an unbeatable learning experience before launching into a career of social impact.
  • If you’re reaching a low in your social impact journey, make sure you stop to ask what is your purpose in doing this work. ‘Doing good in the world’ is probably not enough to get you through those moments of discouragement. Instead you might identify what sector you care about or what injustice resonates with you, and connects with your inner purpose.
  • Applications are open until June 15th, 2017 for the current cohort in Social Innovation Management.
  • Application for the next cohort in Social Innovation Management will open in September 2017 for starting February 2018.


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