FIP 52: Bridging Education Gaps in Rural India with Umesh Malhotra

Umesh Malhotra is the co-founder of Hippocampus which is a network of libraries and schools that is attempting to change the face of rural education in India. A graduate of one of India’s leading engineering institutes, IIT Madras, he began his career in Infosys and went on to create and sell an IT company. A serial entrepreneur, his entrepreneurship experiences range from IT services to restaurants to social enterprises. His latest passion project, Hippocampus, serves to provide quality education to rural children from low income families. By 2020, the aim is to bring preschool education to as many students in India as the population of Finland, but at one percent of its cost. That is why it is being called Mission Finland!

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Umesh and his years spent in the corporate world – he takes us through the journey of his company and what made rapidly scaling possible.
  • Are you being challenged enough in your current role? When is it time to switch gears?
  • The importance of a good story behind your brand. Wait until you hear his!
  • How to give your social enterprise a chance to survive – Umesh never set out to create a profitable business.
  • How do you keep momentum and not scale too early or too quickly?
  • Is your business easy to replicate? This will help when it is time to scale.
  • The power of hiring people who are intrinsically motivated and passionate about what they are doing.
  • Sticky ideas are good for business! What do people remember about your story?
  • The importance of being goal oriented: Mission Finland – 2020.

Links to resources:

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