FIP 62: Human Capital Series 2/3 – Recruiting and Retaining High Performers at more Mature Organizations with Sarah Perrott

This week, Sarah Perrott is my guest for the second episode in our human capital series. We’re talking about recruiting and retaining high performers at more mature organizations. Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director of Cresco Consulting which is a boutique consultancy offering both executive search and development for organisations and individuals. Cresco provides clients with a bespoke service, tailored to their needs founded on the belief that anyone can flourish in the right environment

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Some useful advice on how to build a positive team including recruiting, strengthening, building cohesion and building motivation, as well as some tips for the jobseeker.
  • How Sarah, with over 25 years of experience working with CEO’s and senior leaders of many well-known organizations, went on to start Cresco Consulting.
  • How Cresco uses psychology and behaviour change theory to match employees to companies. Some of their principles are 1. recruit for attitude and train for skill; 2. align the values of the candidate and the organization; 3. align the personality and approach of the individual to the issues on hand.
  • What tools to use and what not to use at various stages of your organization including, (a) MBTI Type tool for teams in existence; and (2) trait tools for recruitment like 16pf, and Hogan’s Dark Side tool.
  • What must an organization do to attract top talent and build a cohesive team? To actively source from a diverse pool of candidates from different avenues to ensure that creativity and innovation are encouraged by eliminating unconscious bias, like how to use a well worded advert in recruitment. Headhunting, social media and networking are other ways.
  • How to prevent hiring people in your own image, including using interview panels to eliminate unconscious bias.
  • How to use different tools to improve the cohesion of your team. Using the MBTI Type tool to understand the individual’s preference, tendencies, blindspots and motivation which builds self-awareness.
  • What tools to use to keep the high performing team motivated? – Sarah’s view is that there should be precise and immediate feedback for improving performance. Nancy Kline’s tools in “Time to think” methodology are recommended. Also tools of appreciation are effective at improving how people work together.
  • Tips for the job seekers in the audience on how to assess the offer from a potential employer. Sarah emphasises that job seekers should spend time with the organization and the people, then trust your gut.

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