FIP Ambassadors

The Ones Who Make All This Possible

How could we get stellar content into your ears without the hard work of FIP Ambassadors? They’re involved in every part of the FIP content creation process, from researching new topics and having ‘pre-interview calls’ with potential guests, to audio editing and posting to this website. They take part because they believe in the power of social enterprise, and because they want to learn valuable new skills for the future economy. Want to join the team? Click the link below.

Lauren Reising

Lauren Reising

FIP Ambassador: research and guest coordinator

Lauren undertakes research for new episodes and coordinates with possible guests. Since 2017, Lauren has been based in Kampala, Uganda working at SHONA (formerly Unreasonable East Africa), a business accelerator supporting the growth of impact-driven East African startups. Prior to her work at SHONA, she lead several women’s health projects in Kabale, Uganda as a fellow at the Global Livingston Institute. Lauren received her BA in International Studies from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

Satya Suri

Satya Suri

FIP Ambassador: podcast editor

Satya volunteers his time for Finding Impact as a podcast editor and finds podcasting a highly effective tool in dissemination of honest and powerful insights through heartfelt conversations. He has a diverse background in technology, the development sector and impact investing. The work he likes to do most beyond his regular job is to actively mentor and guide budding social entrepreneurs - by helping design and test their business models, supporting in fund-raising efforts, and advising entrepreneurs to maximize the social outcomes of their ventures. He has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and is also a fellow alumnus of the MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship.

Sam Alhadeff

Sam Alhadeff

FIP Ambassador: writer

Sam has been with Finding Impact since Winter 2019 where he writes articles for publication in leading social entrepreneurship outlets. After receiving a Master of International Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sam moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a career in public service. He currently works as a public sector consultant for Grant Thornton. When he is not in business attire, Sam enjoys stand-up comedy, playing soccer, and trying to learn things about things.

As a FIP Ambassador, you can be anywhere in the world. You just need a relentless curiosity and a passion for social impact. We expect a minimum of three hours a week, but there’s so much more to do if you’re keen to learn new skills.

Core tasks we need help with include:

  • Research topic areas to come up with creative and interesting questions;
  • Research and contact new guests based on selected topics;
  • Follow simple production steps to edit high quality podcast episodes;
  • Work with WordPress and podcast hosting platform;
  • Create social media cards for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using insightful quotes from interviews.

In return we offer:

  • Training in everything to do with podcast creation, including preparation, research, production, editing, and distribution;
  • The opportunity to develop your social sector skills and knowledge;
  • Feedback and tips on improving your writing for web;
  • Training and coaching on how to grow your network and create lasting contacts;
  • Training on how to create social media cards using free online graphic design tools;
  • Share tips on personal branding and help you take action on yours.

Details on how to apply:

  • Press the button above to go to the contact form, and send us a note outlining relevant qualifications or experience and tell us something about you, what you’re most interested in learning about (podcasting or social enterprise) and what unique value addition you could bring to Finding Impact.

We’ll contact you straight back and ask you to share a CV. We’ll then arrange a short chat and dig into your motivation a bit deeper and what you can offer. If successful, we’ll ask you to commit for a minimum of three months. Please note, this is an unpaid role.

Past FIP Ambassadors

The Hall of Fame

Farah Nimri

Farah Nimri

FIP Ambassador

Farah joined Finding Impact as researcher and guest coordinator. In her day job, she is a project manager based in Berlin, Germany. She graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the German Jordanian University in her hometown of Amman, and later joined the German Railways where she managed international projects. Eager to try out a new path, Farah pursued a postgraduate certificate program in Social Innovation Management in Bangalore, India in 2018.