Jocelyn Wyatt on the Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 002: Using Human-Centered Design to Create Solutions with Jocelyn Wyatt

In this episode, we talk to Jocelyn Wyatt about using human centered design to solve problems faced by social entrepreneurs.
Specifically, on this episode you’ll learn:
  • How you can use HCD early on in your business to figure out what resonates with the customer, what the most appropriate business model is likely to be, the service model, the brand, the product, but also to build new business offerings for new customer segments.
  • How you need to get the design question right in the first place, and how setting the design question up as an internal project with specific deadlines is key to the process.
  • How three days to two weeks is a good duration to aim for with your internal design challenge.
  • Why you should have internal and external project members on your design team to ensure you’re getting the most innovative and effective group addressing the design challenge.
  • Why someone else on the team, not the founder/CEO/social entrepreneur, is the best person to act as facilitator.
  • Why working in a team is so much more productive when trying to find solutions, compared to working alone.
  • Why good design is so important but often forgotten when creating lasting solutions for people at the base of the pyramid.
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