FIP 004: Micro-promotion: an effective way to train and retain a low-skilled workforce, with Michael Kuntz

In this episode, I talk to Michael Kuntz who tells us about a unique way to keep a low-skilled workforce engaged and motivated, whilst improving retention and productivity.  Through this model, he’s achieved retention rates of over 90%, low-skilled employees take pride in the quality of their work, and they’re holding each other more accountable to do great work.
You’ll learn about:
  • The conundrum of workforce development, whereby if you train your staff, they might leave to go into competition with you, or find a job somewhere else. So how to mitigate that risk.
  • The threat of not investing in your workforce, including churning out low quality work, stagnant growth, and no employees who can develop into mid-level managers.
  • Specific steps in the micro promotion model, which generates trust and creates a quick feedback loop, allowing rapid employee development.
  • Why clarity on the career pathway is essential, even for low-skilled workers.
  • Useful advice about structuring your social enterprise to ensure compliance with relevant jurisdictions, tax efficiency, and structuring for scale.
References in this podcast:
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