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Announcing the Launch of The Finding Impact Podcast on 22nd February 2017

I can’t help it – I’m excited!!

The Finding Impact Podcast is going live on 22nd February.

On this podcast, I’ll be interviewing those that have out-sized experience in dealing with a particular challenge that social entrepreneurs face. Plus specific “How-to” strategies for identifying, building and scaling social enterprises, and much more.

Future podcast topics include:

  • Raising money for your social enterprise
  • Customer service systems
  • Assessing credit worthiness
  • Revenue collections
  • Talent recruitment
  • Reaching the next level of scale
  • Maintaining quality whilst scaling
  • In-country manufacturing assistance
  • Prioritizing fundraising vs. competing demands
  • Investing in staff and employee retention
  • Strategy development

Mark 22nd February in your calendar!

More soon…

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