FIP 118: Building entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets with Maryanne Ochola of ANDE

This week on the Finding Impact Podcast, we are starting off a new series to help social entrepreneurs understand and navigate the whole gamut of services and service providers in entrepreneurial ecosystems and we are talking with Maryanne Ochola, East Africa Regional Chapter Manager of ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs), based in Nairobi. Maryanne shares her views on the different players in entrepreneurial ecosystems, roles they play and services they offer to help social entrepreneurs succeed.

On this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why entrepreneurial ecosystems are important – just like Silicon Valley for technology startups or Hollywood for films, these ecosystems increase the productivity of enterprises associated with the ecosystem, drive the pace of innovation and help stimulate the formation of new enterprises.
  • Learn about ANDE, its focus on Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs), and its work in building strong local entrepreneurial ecosystems – with 8 offices in emerging economies, having 280+ members as service providers providing financial and non-financial assistance to social entrepreneurs and operating in 150 countries.
  • About ANDE’s 6×6 framework or key activity domains that underpin its entrepreneurial ecosystem services, such as: (i) finding entrepreneurs, (ii) training entrepreneurs, (iii) cultivating physical and virtual support spaces for entrepreneurs, (iv) funding support for all types of financing, (v) enabling entrepreneurs with legal, regulatory support, and finally (v) celebrating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.
  • How entrepreneurs can find and make use of the different services provided by the ANDE ecosystem and its member organizations – such as networking events, acceleration programs, pitch competitions, funding support, legal services, etc.
  • And finally, how it is also extremely important for investors and entrepreneurial support service providers to be embedded in the local ecosystem and possess an understanding of the local context, challenges, and opportunities in order to deliver maximum value to entrepreneurs.


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