FIP 128: The principles of fundraising, building teams and asking for advice with Jack Lowe of the Fit For Life Foundation

I’m very honoured to speak to Jack Lowe this week. He’s come on share lessons learnt throughout his 40 year career in microfinance and the startup world.

Jack was asked to become CEO of BlueOrchard Investments in 2004 — a microfinance fund that he grew from $40 million to close to $1 billion, stretching to 45 countries. It became the largest private microfinance lender in the world. Jack graduated from Stanford in 1965, joined McKinsey in 1969, and went on to grow a string of successful startups, from oil and gas to food distribution and restaurants. Jack is currently building another startup, Fit for Life Foundation, helping people stay active and age well.

On this show you’ll learn:

  • The fundamental difference between the business and non-profit sector (2.24)
  • The experience of pitching the microfinance fund to pension funds, family offices and institutional investors (4.57)
  • The two basic principles of fundraising (7.41)
  • How to know when something’s not working and to try something else (11.19)
  • Professional intimacy and other insights from building teams (14.12)
  • Using a network and calling on people for help and advice (18.45)
  • Getting out of a tough spot and avoiding depression (24.15)
  • Advice to his younger self (31.54)
  • Why exercise and ageing well is the feature of Jack’s next startup (36.31)
  • 3 quick fire questions (44.08)

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