The curtains open, let the show begin

Hey everyone. Hello to those who I’ve reached out to directly, or have found me through Facebook, or who just know me.
I can’t thank you enough. The support I’ve received in launching this website and The Finding Impact podcast has been overwhelming. I don’t always expect this ride to be plain sailing though. I’m putting myself out there so I’ll undoubtedly piss a few people off. But let me say that I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m a helper. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that helping others first is always the right thing. It pays back in so many ways. I aim to serve all the social entrepreneurs out there who are also in the arena, daring greatly, and believing they can make a dent for the better in this world. So this website is my personal support to all the entrepreneurs working in social enterprise – which I believe, by the way, is the most effective way to make the world a better place.
This website has come about because I see a gap. I see so many one-to-one conversations happening between social entrepreneurs. People make a connection – often through chance – and they have a call, take some notes, and hope to use that information to overcome a challenge they’re having right now. Sometimes people won’t talk too much because they’re protecting their hard work of getting to where they are. I know it, I’ve been there.
So I’m going for a different tack: a one-to-many model. In other words, I’ll be interviewing people on my podcast who’ve had some success in a particular social enterprise challenge, and I’ll be sharing that conversation with the world.
So and The Finding Impact Podcast are for you. I’m going to be interviewing some great guests who have out-sized experience in one particular area of creating massive impact through social enterprise. There’s a diamond in their brain and my questions are the pick axe. I’ll be bringing out a new episode every week, along with show notes and links to helpful resources that came up in the interview. Whilst the podcast will aim to be the pillar, I’ll also be trying my hand at video. YouTube will be my playground so I hope you’ll indulge me. Also you can hop on over to my Facebook page so we can stay connected, if that’s your medium. Or if Twitter’s your thing, tweet me here (I know, the options are crazy.) Above all else, I recommend leaving your email in the box below, which is a very easy way of staying connected. And I will guard your email address with my life. Trust me 🙂
So my band of brothers and sisters, continue to do great work. I’m here for you. Tell me what you’re struggling with right now so I can get the right person on the show. Or if you know of someone or an organization who’ve really nailed something and you want to hear from them, tell me.
You’re all brilliant. Let’s get this party started.
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