The Launch of the Finding Impact Podcast

Today is a very special day.

I first got the idea for launching something around my passion – social entrepreneurship – in June 2016. I didn’t quite know what it would be, but I was curious of where people’s attention was going. It used to be the TV and traditional print media like magazines and newspapers. Heck, before that it was even radio. Now something different is happening: the creation and distribution of media is diverging. Attention is going from the laptop to mobile, and with it, to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, iTunes and many others. What this means is that anyone can be a content creator. Not just TV execs and Murdoch.

So why not have a go I thought?

I would do YouTube videos and document life in Nairobi. I’d visit social entrepreneurs in their environment and talk to them about their businesses. In the end, after shooting a few videos, including one around the Trump election, I quickly moved onto the idea of a podcast. I could interact with so many more social entrepreneurs, recording calls over Skype, and creating videos as a side feature.

And so The Finding Impact Podcast was born.

Podcasting is becoming bigger and bigger, and way more available than ever before. And the beauty is, you can listen while in the gym, commuting to work, or washing up the dishes.

And so in December, I set about learning how to build a website and launched a design contest for my logo. I put the two together, and hey presto! The website is looking pretty sexy don’t you think?

So I’ve launched the podcast today on iTunes, and it’s also available on Stitcher and Soundcloud.

I’d love for you to subscribe to the show on iTunes. There are already three episodes available to listen to – with another due out next Wednesday (and every Wednesday going forward!).

PLUS: I’ve got a competition running all this week to help celebrate!

Ratings and reviews help out the show… A LOT. Plus, it totally excites me to read your reviews! To celebrate launch week, I’ll be giving away a free, Limited Edition Finding Impact T-Shirt every day through Wednesday 1st March.

How to Enter The Launch Competition

  1. Leave a Rating and Review for the Finding Impact Podcast on iTunes.
    Take a screenshot, or pic of your review as you’re posting it.
  2. Post the image on TWITTER along with the hashtag #FindingImpact
  3. That’s it! This make’s it easy for you to submit and for me to find them. I’ll randomly select a new winner at the end of each day from now through March 1st for the T-Shirts.

Note: Winners will be contacted through Twitter.

To say I’m excited about the Finding Impact Podcast would be an understatement.

It’s my goal, my mission… to make the Finding Impact podcast and online resource something that changes the lives of thousands and thousands (hell, why not say millions!) of social entrepreneurs and the people they serve around the world in the coming years.

Thanks, as always for being here.

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