The Finding Impact Podcast

Weekly interviews with strategy, tactics and practical advice to help you build your social enterprise.

This is the place where I have conversations with people who are really moving the needle in social enterprise. In each episode, we’ll cover tools and tactics that each guest will bring to help you move through the challenges you’re facing in your social enterprise.

I’ll be launching The Finding Impact Podcast on in February 2017, so please leave your name and email address in the form below to be notified when it launches.

Nicole Van Der Tuin Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 016: Credit Scoring for Under-Served Populations with Nicole Van Der Tuin

For nearly ten years, Nicole has been working to get capital…

FIP 015: Pro-bono Data science with Jake Porway

In this episode, Jake Porway talks us through DataKind, the organization…

FIP 014: The Importance of Story with Avery Bang

In this episode, Avery Bang talks us through the importance of…
lauren fletcher finding impact podcast

FIP 013: Planting Trees with Drones, with Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher talks us through his startup journey at Biocarbon…
Mirik Castro Finding Impact FIP12

FIP 012: Selling High Price Products to Rural Farmers with Mirik Castro

In this episode, we join Mirik in Northern Tanzania as he talks…
nicky khaki on finding impact

FIP 011: Raising Early Stage Finance with Nicky Khaki

In this episode, Nicky Khaki talks us through early stage finance.…

FIP 010: Why Human Connection is Good For Your Social Enterprise, with Devin Hibbard

In this episode, Devin Hibbard from Beads for Life talks to us…
Patrick Watson Finding Impact Raising Debt Equity

FIP 009: Raising Equity Investment with Patrick Watson

In this episode, Patrick Watson talks us through the process…
Rob Mills Debt Financing

FIP 008: Raising Debt Investment with Rob Mills

In this episode, I talk to Rob Mills from Social Finance about…
Rebecca Harrison

FIP 007: Developing Middle Management in Africa with Rebecca Harrison

"Effective managers hold the key to Africa's prosperity". A bold…
Christie Peacock Finding Impact Sidai

FIP 006: Building a National Distribution Network, with Christie Peacock

In this episode, Christie talks us through how she built out…

FIP 005: Not Going it Alone on your Social Enterprise Journey, with Mark Hemsworth

In this episode, I have a candid conversation with Mark Hemsworth…

FIP 004: Micro-promotion: an effective way to train and retain a low-skilled workforce, with Michael Kuntz

In this episode, I talk to Michael Kuntz who tells us about a…

FIP 003: Transforming Your Sales Capability with Scott Roy

In this episode, I talk to Scott Roy who talks to the importance…
Jocelyn Wyatt on the Finding Impact Podcast

FIP 002: Using Human-Centered Design to Create Solutions with Jocelyn Wyatt

In this episode, we talk to Jocelyn Wyatt about using human centered…

FIP 001: Motivating Community Health Workers with Liz Jarman

In this episode, we talk to Liz Jarman about how to motivate…
finding impact podcast

Announcing the Launch of The Finding Impact Podcast on 22nd February 2017

I can't help it - I'm excited!! The Finding Impact Podcast…

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