FIP 003: Transforming Your Sales Capability with Scott Roy

In this episode, I talk to Scott Roy who talks to the importance of sales in every social enterprise. You’ll learn about his unique formula he developed over 30 years ago and how he now applies the same foundational sales process to social enterprises in emerging markets around the world.

You’ll learn about:

  • Using the RACE formula to transform your organizations sales capability (the results you get = attitude + competence + execution)
  • Why engineering the selling process, is just as important as engineering the product you’re selling to Base of the Pyramid customers
  • When the ideal time is to build the sales capability within your enterprise
  • Why once the customer thoroughly understands and wakes up to the problem they’re trying to solve, and the product that could solve that problem for them, they’ll buy.
  • Why pitching the product is not the answer, any why so many social enterprises are getting it wrong.
  • How the staff hiring process is integral to the business’ selling process
  • Why the fast, cheap and cheerful selling approach that goes with selling FMCG products is the wrong kind of selling experience you need from new hires.
  • Some specific strategies to include within the interview and traits to look out for in a potentially successful salesperson.
  • How a manager might motivate his sales employee – shown through roll play!
  • Why sales targets is NOT the most effective way to motivate people.
  • How selling to governments and big business is no different, and the person from the procurement department is not the right person to speak to.
  • With donors, the terms you negotiate and the deliverables you agree to need to be the things you actually can live with, and why you should never expect anything else.


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