There’s something unique about a one-on-one experience that you just can’t get in a formal training or workshop setting. That’s why I’m pleased to offer a one-to-one coaching experience that enables you to power up your progress and move quicker to your goals and further along your scaling journey.

In these sessions, you and I will cover the challenges you’re facing in your career and will put you on a path that will help you use the right strategies and tactics that have been tried and tested by so many others. Whether your problems lie in the strategies you’re adopting or the tactics you’re using, our sessions can help you find the most effective path forward instead of finding yourself giving over to fear, panic and reacting to daily chaos.

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(Excuse me while I move into the third person…)

Andy was the global water lead for Evidence Action, responsible for driving growth, partnerships and new capital into the Dispensers for Safe Water business, which provided access to safe water to nearly 5 million people in East Africa. Andy is a leading expert in combining social enterprise with public water and sanitation services at scale in emerging markets. Previously, Andy was Deputy Chief Executive at Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) where he built a new business unit focused on strengthening private sector delivery of basic water and sanitation services for low-income urban consumers. At WSUP, he also built Clean Team Ghana Ltd, an innovative household sanitation business which he setup with and Unilever, and he was part of a founding team to build an innovative clean drinking water and wellness business with, Unilever and GAIN in Kenya.

From a young age he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by selling cooked meals to his peers at school and later helping his father to setup the UK’s leading luxury mobile toilet company. In 1998 he graduated from Exeter University with a Masters in Civil Engineering and in 2004 from Cranfield University with a Masters in Community Water Supply and Sanitation. After working as a Consulting Engineer in the UK, he qualified as a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Civil Engineers in 2009. He lives with his wife and three children in Nairobi, Kenya.

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